Hammer Head Accessory
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The Hammer Head accessory for the CS-5000 product line was created to solve the problem of a wandering loop.

The Hammerhead accessory broadens the effective beam of our standard CS-5000 transducer. This is extremely helpful when the loop saddle location changes. Set up correctly for a full coil, the loop sensor fails to operate properly when the coil reaches core, as the beam is deflected.

With the Hammerhead, there is always a working transducer element over the saddle, regardless of the shift that occurs as the coil dwindles. Shifting loop saddles occur even when there’s a straightener involved. If the cascade rolls of the straightener and press feed sit at different levels, the loop shifts laterally as well as vertically with each feed of the press. Further, variances in stock thickness can change where the valley of the loop is located from job to job.

The hammerhead can be installed on CS-5000 stands you already have. If you have an application with a loop that shifts dramatically, ask about the hammerhead option.

To learn more about the Hammerhead, check out our downloadable brochure.

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