3CPO Accessory
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Coiltek’s CS-5000 and CS-5100 ultrasonic sensor systems have always had the capability of storing multiple loop control parameters. The 3CPO option makes it easy for press operators to quickly switch to the appropriate loop control algorithm to run the job. This makes switching between different stocks simple, with easy access to solutions for long feed progressions, thick stocks, short feed progressions and much more.

The 3 CPO option is available pre-installed on any of our CS-5000 series of non-contact loop controls. It is also sold as a simple-to-install kit. To learn more about this item and the various purchase options, check out the downloadable brochure.

For more information on this or any other unit including up-to-date pricing, please call us at (800) 883-7542 or use the form on our Contact Us Page linked at left.